We combine our understanding of academic, research and R&D occupier needs with commercial property know-how to lead you through the entire property life-cycle.

Whether it’s understanding the feasibility of a new development opportunity, or creating and stimulating occupational demand in a property asset, we always approach each project with the same strategic rigour. We invest time up front to understand and agree objectives and then within agreed constraints work to define the best strategy for action and implementation.

This approach is vital, given that at the heart of most science, technology and innovation environments are a complex range of stakeholders - from research, education, business and government. All have their own objectives. Our success across so many projects demonstrates that our simple yet structured approach, used in all our consultancy and agency interactions, delivers results.

Innovative, research based agency

R&D intensive and innovative businesses looking at locations typically use a variety of routes to explore options. We work with the research base, relevant research/R&D communities and inward investment groups to build interest across a wide spectrum of areas. With understanding of a project’s potential and our knowledge of how people in the communities we serve tend to work, we can build a particularly strong position from which to help with this. It also means that we are particularly well placed to help investor/developer clients buy, develop and sell property in this niche area, often helping to form joint venture partnerships and linking investments into further funding sources.

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In-depth, knowledge based consultancy

We provide our clients with strategic advice and support, helping them create environments that combine the appropriate mix of services, facilities and activities to establish communities that can truly excel in their respective fields. Those occupying space enjoy high productivity, those visiting a place enjoy the experience and promotional stakeholders realise their objectives.

Our advice spans not just property but most key management disciplines too – including change management, marketing, business planning etc.

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