Useful insight from Leiden University

Date: 10-09-2015
By: Jonathan Burroughs

Data analysis by Professor Robert Tijssen, Chair of Science and Innovation Studies at Leiden University, has been focusing on research conducted by the world’s top ranked universities since 2000. His is finding that science is now much more driven by issues of utility. ‘This is primarily in the medical sector’ he said, going on to add that ‘overall this is a clue that world science is moving towards hospital research in this field’.

Professor Tijssen advises that he thinks basic science may not be enough, that ‘you need to confront real problems’. This may not sound extraordinary in itself, but quantitative data on growth in these areas is what our sector needs, so we are encouraged to see the research taking place.

Full findings of this research will be available for us to scrutinise next year – which we will be taking a very a very close look at.

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