COVID-19 Review Blog June 2020

Creative Places CEO Jonathan Burroughs gives his thoughts on innovation and R&D in the time of COVID-19, reviewing outputs from a recent business sentiment survey in the healthcare R&D sector and looking at what we are seeing in terms of occupier and investor demand for real estate serving the R&D sector.

How COVID-19 could affect our sector?

In his latest blog, Creative Places CEO Jonathan Burroughs looks at the impact the pandemic is having on research and R&D and reflects on what this could mean for the R&D real estate sector

Bringing Creativity into Place Making 01-05-18

Concluding his series on creativity, Jonathan Burroughs looks at how creativity can be used to deliver real estate that enhances innovation

Inspiring and Building Creativity 02-04-18

In his second blog on the subject of creativity, Jonathan Burroughs looks at how we bring creativity to a place

Defining Creativity 01-03-18

In the first of a series of three blogs, Creative Places CEO Jonathan Burroughs looks at what we mean by creativity and how it might be defined

Feels like home 08-03-17

Laboratories and the flexible working paradigm - musings on how flexible working has affected laboratory users

Brexit, Science and Property 18-07-16

There is clearly a lot for many of us to reflect on after the referendum result of 23 June 2016. The decision, whether you agree with it or not, for the UK to leave the EU has been taken and this has raised key questions for our clients and the sectors in which we are involved.

The impact of Brexit on the R&D sector 29-06-16

On the 23rd of June the UK voted to leave the EU. This blog looks at the possible impact Brexit will have on our sector.

What’s in a name? The language of innovation 19-05-16

As a relative newcomer to Creative Places, I might be forgiven for making the odd terminology slip up. Anyone entering a new role will be hit by a barrage of terminology, acronyms and seemingly incomprehensible collection of information.

A steer on how to build collaboration 14-09-15

The summer period yielded up Professor Dame Anne Dowling's Review of Business and University Research Collaborations here in the UK.  This is a piece of work commissioned by Government to enable it, and other stakeholders in this space, to understand how we can better support productive interaction…

Useful insight from Leiden University 10-09-15

Data analysis by Professor Robert Tijssen, Chair of Science and Innovation Studies at Leiden University, has been focusing on research conducted by the world’s top ranked universities since 2000. He is finding that science is now much more driven by issues of utility. ‘This is primarily in the medical sector’ he said, going on to add that ‘overall this is a clue that world science is moving towards hospital research in this field’...

UK Government drive on medical innovations 31-07-15

According to the Government’s Life Science Competitiveness Indicators Report uptake of innovative products launched between 2007 and 2012 was slower in Britain than in 16 other industrialised countries and it wants to act.  This is despite PhRMA’s 2015 Biopharmaceutical Investement and Competitiveness survey finding that the UK is second only to the US amongh 16 markets in overall attractiveness to biomedical investment.

So in June our Government has unveiled an Accelerated Access Review initiative, aiming to tackle the uptake problem...

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