CEO Jonathan Burroughs talks to UKSPA about Life Sciences, Sustainability and the R&D sector

In the latest edition of Breakthrough, the magazine of the UK Science Park Association, Jonathan gave his views on the strength of the UK Life Sciences real estate sector, on the importance of sustainability in development and innovation districts

R&D Productivity and Place Survey

We are carrying out a survey to help inform better place making for businesses undertaking R&D. Please go to the article to find a link and help Universities, hospitals and real estate providers better deliver what you need

Open Innovation 29-07-15

Open innovation as an approach to businesses developing products and services initially started to gain traction across industry in the early 2000s.  However, it was only really after retrenchment during the economic crash in 2008/9 that we have noticed this accelerating at pace. As the economy improved and businesses started to make good money again, they invested differently in innovation.  Open innovation has a profound effect on organisational needs and we need to understand this better if we are to properly attend to the needs of R&D intensive business in the 21st Century... 


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