Consultancy and agency services

Consultancy and
agency services

Whether it’s understanding the feasibility of a new development opportunity, or creating and stimulating occupational demand in a property asset, we always approach each project with the same strategic rigour.  Investing time up front to understand stakeholder objectives before defining the right strategy, ultimately informs appropriate action plans that will drive results.

This approach is vital, given that at the heart of most science, technology and innovation environments are a complex set of stakeholders - from research, education, business and government.  All have their own objectives.  Our success across so many projects demonstrates that our simple yet structured approach, used in all our consultancy and agency interactions, delivers results.

Our Consultancy service

We will work alongside you, as trusted advisors, delivering solutions to the critical business issues facing your science, technology and innovation environments, whether they are in feasibility, development or established phases.

Our Agency service

We provide a unique agency service for all types of property focused on innovation and enterprise. Combining our market specific knowledge, experience and evidence to help create demand, provide advice to investors or source joint venture partners.

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