Our work on  
leading projects

Our portfolio of work, for a variety of clients, demonstrates our commitment to the important ‘innovation’ sectors for the UK economy. It also shows the exceptional knowledge base we have accumulated within the commercial R&D and ‘tech’ sectors. We have a high degree of familiarity with some of the best districts in the UK and indeed of leading global cities in this field. We use this invaluable foundation of knowledge to ensure that our clients achieve successful outcomes - whatever stage their projects are at.

Our projects

We are lead advisers and agents on some of the most prestigious innovation sector projects in the UK. More often than not, we have a long-term role that starts with assessing the real opportunities, then supporting planning and development, before working to ensure demand is created and full potential is realised.

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of clients from both the public and private sector. In many cases, it is our ability to work comfortably with multiple, diverse stakeholders simultaneously and establish common purpose that sets us apart.

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