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We are property experts that use specialist, expert knowledge to help clients plan, create, manage and invest in collaborative places for people involved with research, R&D, education, the creative industries and innovation. We combine our understanding of academic, research and R&D occupier needs with commercial property, place making and investment know-how to make places both inclusive and thriving - be they innovation districts, research and R&D campuses, research intensive hospital environments, innovation centres or incubators.

An impressive track record for delivering successful outcomes for R&D property developments

We have specialised in R&D and innovation spaces for over 10 years, playing an instrumental role in the majority of the largest deals and most ambitious development projects in the UK.

Our unique approach focuses on understanding and translating the needs of stakeholders, including occupiers, into tangible, beneficial, outcomes for all

This cross-sector influence and end-user understanding is the key ingredient in our and our clients' continued success.


What we do
Lead by our team of R&D property experts with years of specialist industry experience

Together we can help you really understand the factors, nuances and subtleties that make spaces work - where research excellence and impact, upskilling, innovation and enterprise can all be achieved - in a highly productive fashion.

Our Team
Our opinions on the industry

We are proud of our position; leading the way in the development of science, research and innovation locations. With this comes a commitment from our team, to share our thoughts and opinions on the topics that are impacting these economically, politically and socially important spaces. Explore our thinking here...

Expert knowledge from having worked on the majority of the leading R&D developments across the UK

Our continuing work on these successful projects gives us an unparalleled wealth of data, insights, models and knowledge to draw on and apply to future projects. 

Our extensive research and travel to learn from projects in every continent of the world gives unparalleled richness to our understanding. We attend leading conferences on our subject, in a speaking role at most.

Working with universities, hospitals and developers of major innovation districts, R&D campuses, parks and buildings

We are proud to work as advisors and agents to a wide range of clients with interests in the most prestigious and high profile R&D property developments, science parks and biomedical campuses within the UK.

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